Bobby Atsavin - Khor Okkard Eek Kung

KPY Entertainment 2014

Bobby Atsavin - Khor Okkard Eek Kung (Can I have another chance)

KPY Entertainment - Official MV 2014

ຝັງລົມຫາຍໃຈ - Namfon (Fung Lom Haiy Jai)

Huk Ee Lee soundtrack “Wela Mun Sun” by Xay Pacific

MMAQ - ບໍ່ຕ້ອງບອກໃຫ້ລືມ

ເວລາມັນສັ້ນ by Xay Pacific (Time is Short)

Huk Ey Lee soundtrack

The Rocket - ບັ້ງໄຟ (Bung Fai) with Eng Subs [Full Movie]

Girl group Genii gets dressed up in traditional Lao clothing for their new music video ‘Pid Khon Teuk Wela’.

MMAQ - Bor Torng Bork Hai Leum (Don’t tell me to forget)

Stills from the upcoming Lao comedy ‘Huk Ee Lee’

Meenou Interview for Huk Ey Lee movie